- ph33r My l337 Skillz!!

I have been modeling stuff since about early November 2002 i started in zmodeler which is simple but an exelent tool for learning with and ive now moved onto 3D-Studio MAX 5.0 which i now use all the time, a very nice and powerfull program.

Plugins i use and recommend:

Brazil R/S - Very very nice renderer for 3dstudio max makes very nice renders 3-4x the quality of the default 3d studio max scanline renderer.

V-Ray - Quite a nice renderer, i used the demo briefly to increase the quality of my renders but the demo puts "vray" all over it which is crap makes renders look a little bit nicer but in my opinion Brazil R/S is the best of the best, buy it.... its worth the cash.

I Mainly model weapons because im good at this because of my weapons mod for gta3, i do make cars and vehicles but i have real trouble with blueprints all the time so i just get pissed and leave it.

Here is My Portfolio of good models so far....

Weapons - Custom Textured or Preped for Custom Texturing:

MP5-K - for Grand Theft Auto

L1A1 "FN FAL" - For Battlefield 1942 (FPS)

FN2000 - For Grand Theft Auto (textured) (to see untextured click HERE)

MAC-10 - For Grand Theft Auto (File corrupted so not availible for GTA)

Barrett M82A1 .50 BMG - for Grand Theft Auto (textured) (Progress Images 1, 2)

Glock 18 - for Grand Theft Auto (textured)(to see untextured click HERE)

M249 PARA - for Grand Theft Auto

Taurus 454 "Raging Bull" Revolver - for Grand Theft Auto (Textured)(to see untextured click HERE)

M1A1 Abrams - for Grand Theft Auto

Knife (poor but first ever custom texture)(to see original image click HERE)

Weapons - Photoplastered (older)


Barrett M82A1 .50 BMG

Berreta 92F

HK UMP .45


M79 Grenade Launcher


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